Warrumbungles Circuit
21.6 km circuit
8 h to 3 days
Warrumbungles Circuit
21.6 km

8 h to 3 days

4 h to 1.5 day

Starting from the Pincham car park at the end of Pincham Road, Warrumbungle National Park, this walk takes you on a circuit through the Warrumbungle Range via the Warrumbungles Circuit. This challenging full-day/multi-day hike winds its way through the Warrumbungle Range, taking in dramatic rocky landscapes formed from ancient volcanic remains, with side trips to various peaks and attractions, as well as several overnight camping options. The walk initially follows a combination of paved paths and well-maintained walking tracks alongside Spirey Creek, crossing several footbridges, with optional side trips to the Fan's Horizon Lookout, along the Goulds Circuit and to the Spirey View Lookout. Once the paved path ends, the walk begins climbing a series of steps, passing the iconic Breadknife formation before reaching Lugh's Throne, the highest point of the Grand High Tops. After descending to Dagda Saddle, the walk heads to Dows Camp, passing a side trip to Bluff Mountain, then continues past Point Wilderness to Ogma Camp. Further ahead, the walk passes a side trip to the Cathedral Arch on the way to Danu Camp, where there's a side trip to Mount Exmouth. From there, the walk follows the Burbie Trail to Camp Burbie, then continues alongside Burbie Creek before heading through Burbie Gap, passing the turnoffs for Burbie Canyon and the Belougery Split Rock Circuit. After reaching the Split Rock car park, walkers can either head past Canyon Camp and the Warrumbungle Visitor Centre or follow the main road back to the Pincham car park. This walk consists of wide and narrow walking trails, fire tracks, paved paths and sealed roads, with uneven natural surfaces, compacted natural surfaces, sealed surfaces, rocky sections, steep hills and steps. Suitable for moderate fitness levels. Let us begin by acknowledging the Gamilaraay, Wiradjuri and Weilwan people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present. 



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