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Borderless Bushwalking December 2020 menu_book picture_as_pdf book
Ettrema Wilderness
Beautiful boulder-strewn waterways
Rob Wildman Bushwalk Australia New South Wales Morton NP
Calendar 2021
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News Australia
Photo Gallery
More outstanding pictures
Photo Gallery Australia
A symbol of survival
The extraordinary story of Wollemi pines
Josh Meadows Environment Australia New South Wales Wollemi NP
If you carry it in, you should carry it out
Sonya Muhlsimmer Environment Bushcraft Australia
Keep my bushwalk satisfied
A song for when I escape lockdown
Stephen Lake Inspiration Australia

Back Catalog

Mountain Mysteries
April 2023

p.4 A Whirlwind Escapade

p.12 AAWT

p.24 Mount Buffalo, Victoria

p.29 Just Published

p.30 Wondrous Windjana

p.34 Photo Gallery

p.44 Wild Swimming

p.54 Snakes Can Hear You Scream

p.57 In the News

p.58 Pancakes

p.61 Videos

Mountain Musings
February 2023

p.4 Bushwalk Magazine

p.6 The Thorsborne Trail

p.17 In the News

p.18 A Peek at Lendenfeld

p.25 Videos

p.26 High Times in the High Country

p.36 The Other Side of Halls Creek

p.41 2023 Calendar

p.42 Photo Gallery

p.52 How far is it?

p.62 Meet the Eastern Bristlebird

Trail Treats
December 2022

p.4 Mount Anne Circuit - lucky

p.16 Canyon Calamity

p.24 High Cliff

p.27 2023 Calendar

p.28 Photo gallery

p.38 The Adventures of Xing

p.42 Videos

p.43 Just Published

p.44 Southern conifers

p.48 Cookie day

p.51 In the News

Rainbow Rambles
October 2022

p.4 Howitt Circuit

p.10 Karijini dreaming

p.14 A Short Walk Through the Chewings

p.33 In the news

p.34 Sunset Remote Walking Track

p.40 Photo Gallery

p.50 Walktober

p.54 A Hikers Friend Blog

p.58 30% of Australia protected by 2030?

Encouraging Elevation
August 2022

p.4 Climbing Abels

p.10 Frenchmans Cap, Tasmania

p.14 Lofoten Islands, Norway

p.22 A day of the senses

p.29 In the news

p.30 Photo Gallery

p.40 Bushwalking Fitness

p.48 How to Choose a Mozzie Repellent

p.52 K’gari History

Craggy Crests
June 2022

p.4 Breaking Away in SA

p.9 Overland Track

p.10 Mount Cobbler Circuit

p.14 At Home in the Hartz

p.19 In the news

p.20 Photo Gallery

p.30 Scrambling Banned in Grampians NP?

p.36 National Parks Are Not Enough

p.40 Cured and Fermented Meats

Desert Dreaming
April 2022

p.5 Video

p.6 Namatjira Dreaming

p.10 15 Highest Peaks in Australia in Four Days

p.16 Grand Canyon Walking Track

p.22 Hiking the Jatbula Trail

p.32 Photo Gallery

p.49 In the News

p.50 Gardens of Stone Damage

p.52 Why Do We Love The Great Outdoors?

p.55 Merino Wool Underwear

p.58 Travel Oasis

p.61 Overland Track

p.62 You Can’t Beet This ...

p.65 In the News

p.66 Mountain Hut

Healing Hikes
February 2022

p.5 Calendar 2022

p.6 Hiking the Port Davey Track

p.11 Overland Track

p.12 Pool of the Gods

p.18 Walking 30 Kilometres a Day for a Month

p.22 Photo Gallery

p.38 The 550-million-year Story of Uluru

p.41 In the news

p.42 Feral Horse Update

p.46 Huts of the High Country and Hut Etiquette

p.52 Queensland Windfarms and Habitat Loss

Fifty Shades
December 2021

p.5 Calendar 2022

p.6 Fifty Editions

p.10 Meet The Team

p.15 Overland Track

p.16 Mount Kaputar

p.20 Sunset Remote Walk

p.26 Photo Gallery

p.44 The Blue Gum Forest

p.48 The 50 Beautiful Australian Plants at Greatest Risk of Extinction

p.51 In the News

p.52 Golden Celebration

p.56 Those Were the Days, My Friend

Epic Escarpments
October 2021

p.5 In the News

p.6 Carnarvon Gorge-ous

p.16 Korrowall Buttress

p.20 Waking Up to Wilderness

p.32 Photo Gallery

p.50 A Pink Treasure Hunt

p.53 Overland Track

p.54 Tasmanian Rangers Go Wild for Timor-Leste Forest Guards

p.56 National Parks News

p.58 Dead Frogs Across Eastern Australia

p.62 Oh Sweet Honey!

Better Bushwalking
August 2021

p.5 Video

p.6 The Mount Hotham Diamantina Circuit

p.9 In the News

p.10 Cape Otway’s Aboriginal bush tucker talk is my favourite tour

p.16 Night walking

p.20 Photo gallery

p.38 White Cedar is a rare bird

p.41 Overland Track

p.42 Navigation

p.48 NSW Great walks mistake

p.56 Dehydrated delights

p.60 High mountain

Reflections & Rescues
June 2021

p.5 In the News

p.6 Junction Lake

p.14 Feathertop via Wilsons Prom

p.18 Photo Gallery

p.36 Swift Water Rescue Course

p.44 The National Environmental Laws Don’t Work

p.47 Overland Track

p.48 Archive - Glimpses of the past

p.56 Red Cedar Tree

p.60 Morning has broken

Hidden Hikes
April 2021

p.5 In the News

p.6 Nitmiluk Gorge

p.12 Lunana Snowman, Bhutan

p.16 Photo gallery

p.26 Aftermath of Australia’s Horror Bushfire Season

p.29 Overland Track

p.30 Boltons Hut

p.32 Can artificial intelligence Write a Bushwalking Article?

p.42 PLB Battery Replacement

p.44 Tool time

Terrific Terrain
February 2021

p.5 Video

p.6 Helicopter Spur

p.11 In the News

p.12 Gibraltar and Washpool

p.20 Freycinet Circuit

p.26 Photo Gallery

p.44 Wollangambe Canyon Deaths

p.47 In the News

p.48 Four Ways Australia’s Environment Has Repaired Itself in 2020

p.52 Coffs Trails

p.55 Overland Track

p.56 Eggscellent Eggs

p.60 Someday, one day

Borderless Bushwalking
December 2020

p.5 In the News

p.6 Ettrema Wilderness

p.12 Tripping in NSW

p.19 Calendar 2021

p.20 Western Macs

p.27 In the News

p.28 Photo Gallery

p.46 A symbol of survival

p.49 Overland Track

p.50 Rubbish!

p.56 Keep my bushwalk satisfied

Resounding Rocks
October 2020

p.5 Video

p.6 Traversing the Winburndale Range

p.12 My Blue Mountains

p.15 In the News

p.16 The Annual Pilgrimage

p.22 Overland Track

p.23 Calendar 2021

p.24 Photo Gallery

p.42 Malbena Matters!

p.46 Malbena Matters!

p.50 Malbena Matters!

p.52 Tasmania’s Giant Trees

p.56 What a Lemon!

p.59 in the News

p.60 Take Me Home, Mountain Tracks

COVID Contingencies
August 2020

p.5 In the News

p.6 Barrington Tops

p.11 Overland Track App

p.12 Mount Emmett

p.18 South West Cape Circuit

p.26 Photo Gallery

p.44 Australia's Lockdown - 2020

p.48 Malbena Update

p.52 Good Signage in National Parks

p.56 Chocolate

p.59 In the News

Bushwalking Anew
June 2020

p.5 Video

p.6 Three Capes

p.16 Spirit of Place

p.18 The Butterfly Effect

p.23 In the News

p.24 Photo Gallery

p.42 First Aid Kit

p.47 In the News

p.48 Too much of a good thing?

p.50 These Are a Few of my Favourite Things

p.54 My Favourite Things - Bushwalking

Staying Home
April 2020

p.5 Video

p.6 More than one way to climb Mount Giles

p.12 Look at the Sun and Feelin' Groovy

p.18 Southern Ranges and Du Cane Range

p.24 Photo Gallery

p.42 Bushwalking in a pandemic

p.48 Wilderness disrupted

p.52 1200 kilometres to track lizards

p.55 In the News

p.56 Online food supplies

p.60 You're in pain

Fire & Fury
February 2020

p.6 The Great Dividing Trail, Victoria

p.10 Australian Alps Walking Track

p.24 Photo gallery

p.42 2019-20 Bushfires overview

p.48 Kosciuszko fires 2019-20

p.52 Four Mile Hut

p.54 Protecting your privacy

p.57 In the News

p.58 Scones

p.61 Any trip will do

Hills & Valleys
December 2019

p.5 Videos

p.6 Orange Bluff via Great Stony Mountain

p.12 Two State 8 peaks

p.17 2020 Calendar

p.18 Sassafras to Wog Wog

p.23 In the News

p.24 Grose Valley

p.26 Photo Gallery

p.44 Walking on fire

p.50 Hand hygiene in the bush

p.53 Tjorita

p.54 What Happens When Magnetic North and True North Align?

p.58 Malbena - appeal

Alpine Adventures
October 2019

p.5 In the News

p.6 Hannels Spur Loop

p.12 Australian Alps Walking Track

p.30 Skiing with the Bobs - Take two

p.34 Photo Gallery

p.52 MUMC – 75 years old

p.62 Hearing, seeing

p.65 In the News

p.66 Climate change is bringing a new world of bushfires

p.70 Spring is in the air

Awesome Adventures
August 2019

p.5 Video

p.6 McMillans Track, Victoria

p.12 Island Lagoon

p.20 Franklin River

p.32 Photo Gallery

p.50 Long-Distance Walking Tracks in Australia

p.55 In the News

p.56 Geoscience Australia

p.58 Listening to Nature

p.62 Breakfast, Don’t Skip It

Wild & Rugged
June 2019

p.5 Video

p.6 Queen Charlotte Track

p.12 Huemul Circuit, Argentina

p.18 Never Say Never

p.28 “Dreamtiming”

p.34 Photo Gallery

p.52 Do you give a dam?

p.54 Malbena Matters

p.56 Revolutionary Change

p.59 In the News

p.60 Going Nuts …

Going the Distance
April 2019

p.5 Video

p.6 Mount Wills to Mount Bogong

p.12 Torres del Paine, Chile

p.18 Tassie Winter Trip, Part 2

p.24 Hume & Hovell Walking Track

p.32 Photo Gallery

p.50 Walk of Wonders

p.54 Wollemi National Park: Day Walks from Newnes - Part 1

p.56 Invasive Species Fuelling Bushfires

p.59 In the News

p.60 Energy Needs

p.63 Upcoming Events

Higher Places
February 2019

p.5 Upcoming Events

p.6 Australian Alps Walking Track

p.22 Los Dientes Circuit, Southern Chile

p.28 Tassie Winter Trip

p.36 Photo gallery

p.54 Our High Country lore and literature – 1880s to 2010s

p.62 Halls Island

p.64 Mysterious Native Cherries

p.67 In the News

p.68 Vegan food

p.71 The bushwalker

Peak Promenade
December 2018

p.5 Video

p.6 Climate Outlook

p.9 2019 Calendar

p.10 To Pindars Peak in the Southern Ranges

p.19 In the News

p.20 Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru

p.24 Brothers Point, Scotland

p.30 Photo gallery

p.48 Staying hydrated on bushwalks

p.52 National Park Threats

p.56 Trails on Trial

p.59 Don't sleep in the tent

Ridges & Valleys
October 2018

p.5 Video

p.6 Buffalo, The Bluff and Mount McDonald

p.12 Carnarvon Gorge Trip

p.20 Skiing With the Bobs

p.27 Pulks When It's Wild

p.28 Photo Gallery

p.46 Superior Wilderness Design

p.50 Five Reasons Not to Spray the Bugs

p.53 In the News

p.54 Dehydrated Meals For Your Trip

p.57 The Wombat On The Flat

Ambling Adventures
August 2018

p.5 In the News

p.6 An Abel Challenge

p.10 Triglav Lakes, Slovenia

p.14 Aussie FreezeFest One

p.20 Photo Gallery

p.38 Pack Hauling

p.44 Sleeping Mats

p.52 Where on (Google) Earth Am I?

p.56 Bushwalking Safety, Medical and Rescue FAQs

p.62 Drop bears

p.65 In the News

p.66 Common food questions

p.70 In the News

p.71 A Skier One Day

Act Now
June 2018

p.5 Video

p.6 Viking Circuit

p.14 Teddy goes trekking

p.18 Overland Track

p.26 Photo gallery

p.44 A blogger’s journey

p.48 The moral value of wilderness

p.52 In the News

p.54 Heritage Heresy

p.56 Winter is coming ...

p.59 When I'm 44

Meandering Mountains
April 2018

p.6 The Pennine Way

p.18 D'Alton Peaks, Grampians

p.22 Confusion to the enemy

p.23 In the News

p.24 Three mighty peaks

p.32 Photo gallery

p.50 Sleeping bags

p.64 Mont Austral Jacket review

p.70 The bushwalkers’ guide to birdwatching

p.72 Our forests are worth more standing

p.76 Food review - Bethel Farm Mills

p.79 In the News

Far-flung places
February 2018

p.5 Videos

p.6 Ausangate circuit, Peru

p.16 Milford Track, New Zealand

p.24 Warburton to Mount Donna Buang

p.28 Photo gallery

p.46 Arc’teryx

p.49 Trekking For a Cure

p.50 Women and the wilderness

p.53 In the News

p.54 Death at MacKenzie Falls

p.56 Australia among the world’s worst on biodiversity conservation

p.59 National Park Lament No. 1

p.60 Vegetarian feasts

p.64 Snowy Mountains ramble

Bushwalking Heritage
December 2017

p.5 Video

p.6 Kidmans Hut Walk

p.12 Conquering the Giant

p.20 Heritage Tracks

p.26 Photo Gallery

p.44 Dam Madness

p.47 Reincarnation

p.48 Three New Chapman Books

p.52 Five Benefits of Silent Bushwalking

p.56 Aussie Backyard Bird Count

p.60 Falls Creek to Mount Hotham Track Proposal

p.63 In the News

p.64 Christmas Celebration Treats

p.67 South-west

Wonderful Walking
October 2017

p.5 Video

p.6 Aussie 10

p.14 The Larapinta Trail

p.24 Great Ocean Walk

p.30 Photo Gallery

p.48 Bushwalking Adventure Activity Standard

p.68 30 Peaks in 30 Days Blog

p.71 KNP

p.72 In the News

p.74 Forests For All

p.80 Scroggin and Sweet Desserts

Discover & Explore
August 2017

p.5 Video

p.6 The Great River Walk

p.12 Mount Triglav, Slovenia

p.19 Hard Man Bush Walker

p.20 Photo Gallery

p.38 First Aid Kit

p.44 CanTeen

p.48 Firestorms

p.51 In the News

p.52 15 Things You May Have Never Known About Dehydrating Foods

p.56 Soup – The Perfect Winter Warmer

Wandering the World
June 2017

p.5 Video

p.6 Ten Reasons to Hike The Pacific Crest Trail

p.12 The Spires via Holley Basin

p.22 Queen Charlotte Track

p.26 Photo Gallery

p.44 Camping Etiquette

p.48 Nature Scribe Blog

p.52 From Hiker to Globewalker

p.58 Should They Be Stopped?

p.66 The Truth About Spider Bites

p.69 In the News

p.70 Classic Walks, Meals and Drinks

Longer and Wilder
April 2017

p.5 Video

p.6 The Western Arthurs

p.14 Bibbulmun Track

p.18 Green Gully Track

p.24 Photo Gallery

p.42 Skinners

p.48 Etiquette

p.51 In the News

p.52 Bushwalk Australia Magazine

p.54 Why Do We Hike?

p.58 Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

p.60 Freeze Dried 101

p.63 Magazines

A World of Walking
February 2017

p.5 Video

p.6 South West Tasmania Traverse

p.14 Three Capes Track

p.20 French Alps

p.24 It's the Pits!

p.27 Upcoming Events

p.28 Strzelecki Bushwalking Club

p.31 In the News

p.32 The Grand Strzelecki Track

p.38 Photo Gallery

p.56 Gaiters

p.60 Australian Hiker

p.64 Sunscreen

p.66 Things Enjoyed Most While Bushwalking

p.71 In the News

p.72 Tasmania’s Ancient Forest Fires

p.75 Magazines

p.76 In the News

p.78 Food to Feed a Tribe

Summer Swelter
December 2016

p.5 Video

p.6 Desert Discovery Walk

p.14 Conondale Range Great Walk

p.18 Falls Creek to Hotham Alpine Crossing

p.24 Sutherland Bushwalking Club

p.26 Rewilding

p.30 Photo Gallery

p.48 Sun Clothing

p.50 Emma's challenge

p.53 In the News

p.54 Ten Tips for Safer and More Enjoyable Wild Swimming

p.58 Blue Mountains Best Bushwalks

p.61 A free book on Bushwalks around Port Stephens

p.62 Pokécology

p.66 Wrap It Up With Fireless Food

p.69 Magazines

Walking Wisely
October 2016

p.5 Video

p.6 Six Foot Track

p.10 The Six Foot Track Eco Lodge

p.12 Wondabyne Station to Somersby Store

p.22 Melaleuca Log Book

p.28 Photo Gallery

p.46 Choosing a GPS

p.58 Water Requirements on a Bushwalk

p.62 Naturally Accessible

p.65 In the News

p.66 A Walk in the Woods Helps Your Body

p.69 In the News

p.72 Bring Back Mt Jack

p.74 Eating in Style for Celebrations

p.77 Magazines

Bushwalking Conservation
August 2016

p.5 In the News

p.6 Australian Alps Walking Track

p.14 Lockley Pylon to Blackheath Station

p.21 In the News

p.22 Trans-Tarkine Track

p.26 Bushwalking and Conservation

p.28 Another Shot at the GNW

p.30 Photo Gallery

p.48 Foot Care

p.54 Winter swimming

p.58 Swapping Cows for Kangaroos

p.61 Upcoming Events

p.62 High Horses: Kosciuszko NP

p.70 Mapping Feral Animals

p.72 Feel-good Meals

p.75 Magazines

Winter Walking
June 2016

p.5 In the News

p.6 Overnight at Fig Tree Point

p.10 Two old fahrt Canadians in Kosciuszko NP

p.16 Rock Creek Snowshoe Trail

p.20 From Dream to Departure

p.24 The Great North Walk Takes a Big Step Backwards

p.28 Photo Gallery

p.46 Gear Freak

p.51 New on Kickstarter

p.52 Ten Tips for Backcountry Snowshoeing and Winter

p.58 Birds on bushwalks

p.62 EcoCheck: Australia's Alps are cool, but the heat is on

p.65 Magazines

p.66 Megaliths, Dolmens, Feng Shui and Tents

p.68 Legumes and Pulses

Best of New South Wales
April 2016

p.5 Videos

p.6 Best Walks Of NSW

p.30 Letter From The Minister

p.33 In the News

p.34 Bushwalking In NSW

p.38 Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club

p.42 Top Sydney Coastal Walks

p.46 Wolgan Gorge Adventure

p.52 Southern Shoalhaven Coast Walk

p.57 Wombat Poem

p.58 Two old fahrt Canadians in Kosciuszko NP

p.62 Michael Keats

p.66 Falls Creek to Hotham Alpine Crossing

p.72 Photo Gallery

p.90 Gear Freak

p.94 11 Tips For Getting Addicted To Bushwalking

p.98 Bushwalking Booms as Participation Nearly Doubles

p.101 In the News

p.102 The NSW Biodiversity Legislation Review

p.106 Snakebites

p.110 Energy Boosting Snacks

p.113 Magazines

p.114 The bush it is calling

Best of Victoria
February 2016

p.6 Best walks of Victoria

p.26 Letter from the Minister

p.29 In the News

p.30 Wilsons Prom - Southern Circuit

p.35 In the News

p.36 The Great South West Walk

p.43 Magazines

p.44 Fortress, Mount Thackeray Circuit

p.48 Melbourne Bushwalkers Inc.

p.52 Victoria Walks

p.56 Photo gallery

p.74 Gear Freak

p.80 What’s new on Kickstarter


p.86 Buzz, Buzz, Slap!

p.90 Food Allergy or intolerance? No problem

p.94 Xtreme Gourmet

p.96 What they say - what they mean

Best of Tasmania
December 2015

p.5 Calendar

p.6 Best Walks of Tasmania

p.34 Letter from the Minister

p.38 North West Walking Club

p.41 In the News

p.42 Overland Track - Winter

p.46 Ralphs Falls

p.49 In the News

p.50 South Coast Track Adventure

p.54 Photo Gallery

p.72 Gear Freak

p.75 In the News

p.76 Rescue at Cradle


p.82 Bushwalking Tips

p.84 Walking With Children Part 2

p.90 Videos

p.92 Let’s stop Tasmania’s swift parrots going the way of the dodo

p.96 Something to Start Your Day

p.99 Magazines

Best of SA
October 2015

p.5 October is Australia’s Walking Month

p.6 Best walks of SA

p.24 Letter From the Minister

p.28 Bushwalking Leadership South Australia

p.31 In the News

p.32 A Weekend in Deep Creek Conservation Park

p.36 Banrock Station Lagoon Walk

p.40 The Friends of the Heysen Trail

p.44 Photo gallery

p.62 Gear Freak

p.66 Walking With Children

p.72 CEJ’s South Australian Bushwalking Website

p.75 In the News

p.76 Health Check

p.79 In the News

p.80 Book Review

p.82 Happy Hour and Evening Treats

p.85 Magazines

p.86 The Bush It Gives Me Pleasure

Best of WA
August 2015

p.5 Videos

p.6 Best of WA

p.20 Letter from the Minister

p.23 In the News

p.24 WA Family Bushwalkers Club

p.26 Western Walking Club

p.30 Photo gallery

p.48 Gear Freak

p.52 Trails WA Website

p.54 Native Forests and Logging

p.58 Explainer

p.62 Something to Start Your Day

p.65 Magazines

p.66 Distintegrata

Winter edition
June 2015

p.5 Videos

p.6 Bushwalking conference NSW 2015

p.8 Best walks of Northern Territory

p.20 Kakadu - Bushwalking on Aboriginal land

p.24 It’s easy to go bush in the Northern Territory

p.28 Larapinta trail

p.34 A taste of Jatbula Trail

p.38 Central Australian Bushwalkers

p.42 Photo gallery

p.60 Trees that bite

p.64 Icky Insects Are Actually Tasty Treats That Are Good For You

p.67 In the News

p.68 Rescue: Inside and Out

p.74 The Ergon rescue: A bushwalker’s perspective

p.78 A view from the air

p.81 Magazines

p.82 Dehydrated treats

p.86 How we made the tag

Autumn edition
April 2015

p.5 @

p.6 Best walks of Queensland

p.22 Take a walk in nature

p.24 In the footsteps of Allan Cunningham esq.

p.26 Tableland Bushwalking Club

p.30 Lament of a Southerner

p.33 In the News

p.34 Toolona Creek circuit

p.38 Brisbane Walk

p.41 Noosa Coastal Track

p.44 Photo gallery

p.62 Gear freak

p.64 Walking with insects

p.68 Magnetic Island

p.72 Tackling the tricky task of tick removal

p.75 Magazines

p.76 A quick guide to foot blister treatment

p.80 A sweet ending

p.83 Xtreme Gourmet

Best of the ACT
February 2015

p.5 @

p.6 Gardens of Stone National Park

p.11 Videos

p.12 We have more parks than ever

p.16 ACT’s best walks

p.30 Walking in your bush capital

p.33 In the News

p.34 Granite hunting near Canberra

p.38 Parliamentary Zone Walk

p.42 Mount Ainslie Walk

p.46 Bushwalking NSW politics

p.52 Photo gallery

p.70 Gear freak

p.76 DIY Water container

p.80 Terra Rosa gear

p.82 A quick guide to blister prevention for buswalkers

p.85 Magazines

p.86 5 fishing and walking tips

p.89 In the News

p.90 It’s in the bag

p.94 Waterways guide mobile app

Keep your cool
December 2014

p.5 @

p.6 Project Loon

p.8 Hornsby to Mt Kuring-Gai

p.12 Our national parks need visitors to survive

p.15 Video

p.16 Should I postpone my walk?

p.18 Photo gallery

p.36 Gear freak

p.40 Virtual wilderness tour of NSW national parks

p.42 Tech section

p.43 Calendar 2015

p.44 Food for Total Fire Bans

p.47 Magazines

p.48 Fun with Munzee

p.50 Sports drinks and electrolytes

p.54 In the news

Best of Australia
October 2014

p.5 Up The Spur

p.6 Best Walks In Australia

p.16 Hill View Bushwalkers

p.18 The AAWT for Peter Mac

p.21 Video

p.22 Photo gallery

p.40 Gear Freak

p.42 Australia Bushwalking App

p.44 Prowlers In The Park

p.47 Book review

p.48 Bushwalking Blog

p.52 Lunch In High Places

p.56 Calendar

p.57 In The News

p.58 Upcoming News

p.60 Magazines

Winter wanderings
August 2014

p.5 Videos

p.6 Dehydrating Food

p.12 Snowshoe walk

p.16 Dunphy’s Kowmung Adventure

p.20 Sydney Harbour & Coast Walk

p.24 But Avalanches don’t happen in Australia?

p.28 Photo gallery

p.46 Gear freak

p.48 Maps

p.50 Winter warmers

p.53 Magazines

p.54 What's new

p.58 Upcoming Events

p.60 The Ballad Of Bumhole Bill

Winter edition
June 2014

p.5 Winter

p.6 Two Weeks in Fiordland

p.12 Guthega River Snowshoe

p.14 Wilderness Pty Ltd

p.18 Sydney Bush Walkers

p.23 Videos

p.24 Snowshoeing

p.30 Photo gallery

p.48 Gear freak

p.52 First Aid

p.55 Magazines

p.56 Using a smart phone as you bushwalking GPS

p.58 Snow slush drinks

p.60 In the news

p.61 Upcoming Events

Autumn edition
April 2014

p.4 @

p.6 Rock Art Encounters

p.9 Apps Review

p.10 River Bend Heritage Trail

p.12 Bushwalking Tracks round Sydney and beyond

p.16 Climate Change

p.20 Free Climate Change Course

p.22 Washpool

p.26 Photo gallery

p.44 Gear freak

p.47 Selfies

p.48 Alex Colley’s Eulogy

p.52 Nepal - Our Unexpected Challenge

p.55 Magazines

p.56 Upcoming Events

p.59 In the News

A lifetime of walking
February 2014

p.5 @

p.6 That sinking feeling

p.12 Two walks

p.16 Main Range Track

p.24 First Aid

p.28 Lifetime of Walking

p.32 Photo gallery

p.50 Gear freak

p.58 Yellowbrick

p.60 Selfies

p.61 Magazines

p.62 Hiking happy hour

p.65 Upcoming Events

p.66 Bushwalking Clubs

Walking in Summer
December 2013

p.5 @

p.6 2 coastal walks

p.12 The Coast Track

p.18 Heat illness in the field

p.21 Share your selfie

p.22 Is it safe to walk?

p.28 Burnt again!

p.30 Minimise the impact of fire

p.32 Gordonvale

p.35 Magazines

p.36 Photo gallery

p.54 Natureloverswalks

p.57 calendar 2014

p.58 Gear Freak

p.64 3 non cook meals

p.68 Book reviews

Edition One
October 2013

p.5 What is Bushwalk Australia

p.6 Larapinta Trail NT

p.16 Bushwalk Australia

p.20 A2K - Peak bagging the 26 Australian peaks over 2000m

p.24 @

p.26 How to save the real tree huggers?

p.29 Magazines

p.30 Photo Gallery

p.48 E-walking

p.52 Gear freak

p.56 Backcountry bakery