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Just Published

Splendour Rock A Bushwalkers War MemorialKeith Maxwell and Michael Keats OAMThe Bushexplorers published a new book in February 2023. It is dedicated to the Splendour Rock.

Australia’s most remote war memorial, Splendour Rock, is one of the most spectacular locations in New South Wales. Named by the authors "Gods Balcony", it is a place of great presence. Since 1948, it has become one of the most special places for bushwalker reverence. Each Anzac Day, it is the scene of a dawn service like no other. This intensely human book chronicles the story of Splendour Rock and associated memorials.

The Six Foot TrackMatt McClelland (aka Wildwalks and editor of this magazine)Woodslane Press published the updated second edition of this book in March 2023.

This book uses a delightfully quirky and original format. The first half of the book presents walk directions running from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves. Turn the book upside down, and you can read walk directions running from Jenolan Caves to Katoomba. Navigation and trip planning are made easy with maps and detailed walk statistics, including distances, total ascent and descent, walk grades and estimated times.